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Television, Radio, and Newspaper Stories

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Thank you to all of the following media and reporters for your fantastic stories!

Select stories and interviews:

Local teacher, author promotes new book, Singlets and Secrets:

Peoria author behind Rabbit in Red releases new LGBTQ novel (Aug 2023): 

On Inclusivity (July 2022):

Spotlight Video (July 2022): 

WJBC Interview:

WMBD TV Inteview for Art Rock:

Art & Society (Peoria Magazines) Special Feature: "Down the Rabbit Hole" by Liz Scoville 

WMBD TV Interview with Evelyn Wilkerson about Horror Block and Rabbit in Red

WMBD Living-Well TV Interview with Evelyn Wilkerson

WJBC Radio Interview with Susan Saunders


Peoria Journal Star story by Thomas Bruch

     "ICC Professor Joe Chianakas Takes His Shot at Horror Genre with First Novel"


Peoria's 92.3 Radio Interview by Amanda King

     "Local Author Pens New Horror Book"


WEEK TV News Story

     "Local Author Scares Up a Crowd at Book Signing"


Peoria County Chronicle story by Elise Zwicky

     "First Time Horror Author Netting Postive Reviews"


East Peoria Times-Courier story by Jeanette Kendall

     "ICC Professor Pens First Horror Novel"


Morton Courier story by Tim Shelley

     "Local Author Prepares for Release of First Novel"


Poets' Voices Podcast by Jim Sullivan

     "Joe Chianakas-- Horror Novelist"





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