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Joe has published many books and is excited to begin a new journey with you. He writes young adult horror, young adult LGBTQIA action and romance, and adult horror. 

SINGLETS AND SECRETS can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or request at your favorite local bookseller. 

For Joe's Rabbit in Red books and book on writing, GO HERE TO EXPLORE AND ORDER.

SINGLETS and SECRETS is book one of The Unveiling Aiden Series, a special LGBTQIA action/romance (releases August 2023).

DARKNESS CALLS is book one of The Pit of Darkness series, Joe's next horror adventure, releasing in 2024.

Follow Joe on your favorite socials @joechianakas and message him anytime!

Joe, a bestselling author thanks to Rabbit in Red, is excited to bring you new lgbtq books, new young adult books, gay teen reads, new horror reads, and more. 
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