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Welcome to the website of author Joe Chianakas. As of 2022, Joe has eleven published books. 

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For Joe's horror books and book on writing, GO HERE TO EXPLORE AND ORDER.
For Joe's young adult contemporary love stories under pen name NC Nest, GO HERE TO EXPLORE AND READ. Look for the links to the books on the right. Please subscribe to each series. 
2022 update: 
NEW RELEASE: Singlets and Secrets BOOK TWO launched August of 2022 and is now available HERE!
Joe signed DARKNESS CALLS, his next horror series, with Oghma Creative Media (coming soon).
Joe also signed SINGLETS AND SECRETS with Tapas for a digital release (available now) and signed a traditional print deal with Young Dragons Press (coming soon). 

Contact Joe: You can send him an email directly at Or connect on Facebook at



Rabbit in Red was voted best horror book of 2016 in the Summer Indie Book Awards! Get print or digital at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. You can also request print at any bookstore around the world. Don't forget to add it to your Goodreads, too!
Prefer audio books? The horror master behind Fitz of Horror is the voice of Rabbit in Red. You can get your audio book from Audible, Amazon, or iTunes!

Above: Enjoy the hit song "Enter the Rabbit" by Terribly Happy, inspired by the book! ​

You can find Joe on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram too. Follow the author on your favorite social media sites to get the latest news!


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